2018 - 2022


Amarus is a platform for music and critical thinking. It's objective is to enhance the debate and cooperation between international and Swiss artists by creating an open community of artists and thinkers. AMARUS hosts lectures, workshops, public interventions and concerts in the city of Bern, Switzerland.

Internationally-renowned musicians have performed their works at Amarus since 2018: Manongo Mujica (Peru), Vito Willems (Netherlands), Ban Lei (China), Li Jianhong (China), Wang Ziheng (China), Mei Zhiyong (China), Heimatlos (China, France), Christophe Clébard (Belgium, Italy), Carrageenan (Belgium), Luis Alvarado (Peru), Ensemble Kran (Switzerland), Emile Van Helleputte (Belgium), Manuel Troller (Switzerland), Donna Molinari (United States, Switzerland), MM+TT (China, Switzerland), White Pulse (Switzerland), Le Pot (Switzerland), Hans-Peter Pfammatter (Switzerland), Pablo Lienhard (Switzerland), Scree Fucking Junk (Germany), Naked in the Zoo (Germany, France), Kazehito Seki (Japan), ... (Switzerland), Tokar Krzysztof (Poland, Switzerland), Tonto (Italy), White Pulse (Switzerland), Vestas (Netherlands), Del_F64.0 (Germany), Zustand D (Germany), Abraham Wurstkessel (Austria), Emre Sarigöl (Turkey, Switzerland), Maxime Hänsenberger (Switzerland), Purpura (Mexico, Switzerland), Radek Rudnicki (Poland, New Zealand), Al Fraser (New Zealand), Manuel Mengis (Switzerland), Lionel Friedli (Switzerland), F.S.P (Ukraine).