From Qullasuyu Marka (The Liberated Zone)

Satuka takes her name from the novel "From Time to Time Saturnina" by Alison Spedding, where we meet Saturnina Mamami Guarache (Satuka), a woman interplanetary known for her involvement in the destruction of the moon of Fodos in 2079. Saturnina is the most famous navigator of the SEAACQplc (Space Engineering and Applied Astronomy Corporation "Qullasuyu" plc), better known as the Syndicate - an organisation of space navigation and programme engineering professionals from Qullasuyu recognised worldwide for the high quality of its services.

Pictured here is Satura performing the Kusillo, a rascal character from some Aymara dances of the Bolivian and Peruvian Altiplano. He has a casual and agile style of movement, his dance does not follow any predetermined pattern, always resorting to free improvisation. Although Kusillo has always been performed by men, here we can encounter Satuka as Kusillo.

Apparently the images were taken during one of Satuka's few visits to planet Earth during the years 2070 to 2086.

Mask: Kusillo (Bolivia)
Shoes and Dress: Stephanie Klaproth
Model: Shuyue Zhao
Fiction and Images: Luis Sanz