STM~ Intemporal
Kraftwerk, Berlin Atonal, DE

Audio Visual Installation
3ch HD Video Projection
Stereo Sound
Duration: 08'00'' Loop

STM~ INTEMPORAL is a series of works conceived as a continuation of the research carried out in „STM~ Duality“.
It is inspired by the wave-particle duality and was developed together with the digital artist Niculin Barandun.

The investigation, which follows a research through design approach, is divided into four parts:

Sound synthesis, wavefolders, waveshapers and complex modulation
Analog sound generators, LFOs, Noise Generators, Envelopes.

Voltage wave processing

Randomness and Sequentiality

Visualisation of waves
Synesthetic statistics; the perception and understanding of waves as a sensory experience.

Data Network

Particles and Control Voltages - Digital and Analog - in unison and in interaction through networked data.

"The STM~Intemporal by Peruvian artist Luis Sanz plays on an abstract choreography of digital lines,
floating and decomposing to define organic landscapes, sometimes very close to analogical TV snow"

- digitalarti

Installation at Kraftwerk as a part of Berlin Atonal Germany, 26.08.2016