audiovisual piece and performance
3K full-dome projection | 2.1 ch sound
duration: 15"

Light was a key component of a system of discipline through observation. A series of architectural structures - barracks, prisons, schools, factories and hospitals - became the "microscopes of behavior", where precise use of light allowed to study and control the behavior of human beings.

These architectural structures were designed to produce images only in the phenomenal field of the observers. But soon they transformed into flying platforms and imaging devices, video surveillance cameras, spy drones, infrared cameras, sensors, night vision devices and multi-spectral scanning.

The old structures of the Panopticon transformed to a state of absolute super-surveillance, where all information is collected and analyzed all the time. The limitations of light were broken, abolishing the structures of physical space and controling the most valuable of the human being, the "desire"

work in progress...