Algorithmic Visual Composition

Software: Max Msp, Max Jitter
Instructor: Tobias Reber, Luis Sanz
Dates: April 20 - 23, 2015
Location: GS15, 8045 Z├╝rich
Experience level: Beginner

The workshop focuses on creating computer-generated artwork that is determined algorithmically.
Using a computer program to create a visual system that can operate autonomously and contribute to or result in a complete work of art.

This means that participants will no longer focus on creating a unique work of art, but rather a process of creation that can generate many variations using the same set of algorithms.

There are different definitions of an algorithm depending on the context. For this case, we define it as a list of instructions for solving a problem.

Participants will learn the basics of building their own autonomous system based on probability and randomness.

Fierst Day
Introduction to visual elements in 2D and 3D, participants will build their own visual scene.

Second Day
Introduction to probability and randomness, participants will set their visual scene in motion with some degree of autonomy.

Third Day
Practical day, each participant develops their own visual system.

Focus: This workshop is dedicated to anyone interested in new technologies as artistic tools, interaction designer, graphics designer, musicians, media artist, VJ's and in general for people interested in visual arts.
No prior knowledge is required.

Requirements: Laptop or desktop computer with successfully installed software Max Msp [trial version is 30 days free and full functional]
download link: https://cycling74.com


Luis Sanz (PE/CH) is a multidisciplinary artist working with synthetic sounds, computer graphics and physical audiovisual experiences.

Tobias Reber (CH) is a musician, composer, performance artist and teacher with a body of work ranging from electronic, electroacoustic and algorithmic composition to free improvisation, intermedia performance and sound installations.