2023 -


Synthetic Sound, Sieve Patterns, Computer Graphics

Audiovisual Performance
1ch FullHD or 4K Video Projection
Stereo Sound
Duration: 35’00’

Luis Sanz's work is characterised by a fascination with computer noise and signal processing. His work is often extreme and exhilarating, using both software and modular analogue systems to create dense electronic textures.

Sanz's latest audiovisual work, Flexum, departs from his usual approach. Instead of focusing on dense sonic textures and uncompromising explorations of noise and extreme computer music, Sanz delves into processes of modulation and rhythmic pattern generation. He uses his own compositional interface to generate visual and sonic patterns, prioritising structured processes over improvisation.

In a sense, Flexum represents the constantly evolving nature of Sanz's artistic practice, which continues to explore the intersection between synthetic sound and computer graphics. Through the use of custom software, Sanz continues to challenge himself and his audience, offering a visually mesmerising and sonically intricate piece.

Luis Sanz and Niculin Barandun Embark on Inspiring Five-Week Tour of Mexico [August 17 - September 22, 2023]

17.08.2023 | Sonidos Eclécticos Electrónicos, Veri Bari, Mexico City, MX
19.08.2023 | Algo Tranqui, Nadadores, Mexico City, MX
24.08.2023 | Ciclo de Arte Sonoro, ZunZun Insular, Mexico City, MX
25.08.2023 | Estado Incandescente, Mexico City, MX
26.08.2023 | Casa del Arbol, Desierto de los Leones, MX
02.09.2023 | Galeria Sepia, Guadalajara, MX
08.09.2023 | Ojala Bar, Valle de Bravo, MX
12.09.2023 | Pabellón la Carreta, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, MX
13.09.2023 | Laboratorio Arte AC, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, MX
16.09.2023 | TVL Rec Festival, Vernacular Institute, Mexico City, MX
21.09.2023 | Son de Aqui, Oaxaca, MX
22.09.2023 | 316Centro, Mexico City, MX

Luis Sanz [AV Performance], Mexico Tour, 08.17.-22.09.2023

Luis Sanz, Lara Alarcón and Cyril Ferrari, South America Tour [01.12.2022 - 23.01.2023]

01.12.2022 | El Paradero Cultural, Lima, PE
02.12.2022 | Proyecto AMIL, Lima, PE
03.12.2022 | AntiRadio, Lima, PE
04.12.2022 | Deshumanización, Lima, PE
07.12.2022 | Numeral, La Plata, AR
09.12.2022 | Festival Guillotina, CABA, AR
10.12.2022 | Perifericxs, La Plata, AR
11.12.2022 | Mínimo un Lunes, CABA, AR
14.12.2022 | ECEM, Mar del Plata, AR
16.12.2022 | CASo (Centro de Arte Sonoro), CABA, AR
17.12.2022 | Festival Mugre o Muerte, La Plata, AR
06.01.2023 | Mansa Mansión, Río Ceballos, AR
07.01.2023 | La Cúpula, Córdoba, AR
14.01.2023 | Porta, São Paulo, BR
18.01.2023 | Quartas de Improviso, Belo Horizonte, BR
20.01.2023 | Frestas, Río de Janeiro, BR
23.01.2023 | UEL, Londrina, BR

Luis Sanz [Sound Performance], Laser Show by Malaki (PE), South America Tour, 01.12.2022 - 23.01.2023

Selected Performances

Luis Sanz - Flexum [AV Performance]
X_ARTS Festival, Festival der Kunst, Musik und Utopien.
TransBona-Halle, Dreispitz
Basel, CH
+ info here

Luis Sanz - Flexum [AV Performance]
Mexico Tour w/ Niculin Barandun,
Mexico City, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Monterrey

Luis Sanz - Flexum [Residence, AV Performance, Sound Installation]
Spatial Sound Institute, 4DSOUND
Budapest, HU
+ info here

Luis Sanz - Flexum [AV Performance]
Fakedac~ 005
Wharf Chambers
Leeds, UK

Luis Sanz - Flexum [AV Performance]
Fakedac~ 004
Corsica Studios
London, UK