Mujica / Sanz

COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges, CH

Manongo Mujica is a Peruvian percussionist, composer and visual artist. His constant search for sounds, from native to electronic, has even led him to compose music from silence. Luis Sanz is a Swiss-based artist working with extreme synthesis processes, sound morphology and physical audiovisual experiences through recording, installation, performance and video.

Peruvian-Swiss duo Mujica-Sanz explores Andean and Alpine sonic imaginaries by mixing global and local cultural elements through sound collages that resemble Peruvian and Swiss soundscapes as if they were soundtrack interventions through live music.

In the frame of the South America exchange programme «COINCIDENCIA» of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. 



Peruvian percussionist Manongo Mujica and Swiss-based audiovisual artist Luis Sanz to perform in Gais, Zürich and Bern in September 2021.

Thanks to Swiss Pro Helvetia cultural exchange programme, the Peruvian nationals Manongo Mujica and Luis Sanz will start an artist residency aiming to explore the infinite possibilities of music creation from peculiar sound elements that Peru and Switzerland have to offer.

This new music collaboration brings together drums, percussion instruments, electronics and field recordings that both artists will play to create collages from global and local cultural elements, from where Peruvian and Swiss soundscapes overlap and differ, resembling soundtracks interventions through live music.

As a result of this intercultural exchange, the Mujica-Sanz duo will perform live on Sep 11th in Gais at Klang Moor Schopfe - Biennales Festival für audiovisuelle Kunst; on Sep 23rd in Zürich at Das Institut – Misterioso Jazz Club and on Sep 25th in Bern at PROGR – Amaru Concert Series. Both artists promise to take the audience to a no-return journey into the duo’s sound imagery where the Alps meet the Andes.

Luis Sanz is a multidisciplinary artist who explores synthetic sounds, computer graphics and physical audiovisual experiences. As a musician, Sanz is active in the international experimental music scene and has released several albums with Noijzu, an electro-acoustic noise duo with whom he has performed throughout Asia and Europe.

On the other hand, Manongo Mujica is among the best-known Peruvian drummers and percussionists with more than 40 years of artistic activity. Founder of Perujazz and several other music exploratory projects, Mujica has a vast discography resuming the unique style that he has developed which blends jazz, experimental music and the music of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Amazonian tradition.

07.09 - 21.09.2021
COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges [Residence]
Val-d'Illiez and Bern, Switzerland

COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges [Concert]
Klang Moor Schopfe
Biennales Festival für audiovisuelle Kunst
Manongo Mujica (PE) & Luis Sanz (PE/CH)
Hochmoor Gais, Switzerland
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COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges [Concert]
Manongo Mujica (PE) & Luis Sanz (PE/CH)
The Institute
Zurich, Switzerland
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COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges [Concert]
Manongo Mujica (PE) & Luis Sanz (PE/CH)
Center for Cultural Practice - PROGR
Bern, Switzerland
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Residence, Private Studio, Val-d’Illiez, Switzerland, 07.09 - 21.09.2021

Klang Moor Schopfe, Biennales Festival für audiovisuelle Kunst, Hochmoor Gais, Switzerland, 11.09.2021

Recording Session, Bern Academy of the Arts, Sound Arts Department, Bern, Switzerland, 18 - 19.09.2021