2024 -

Ñaupaqman Puriy, Qhepaman Chayay [Walk forward and you'll get back]
Synthetic Sounds, Pulsar Synthesis, Wavesets Analyses

Sound Installation
2x3 Channels
Duration: 20'00'' cycle

In Andean culture, time is symbolically represented by a "lightning bolt" or by the "snake's footprint", i.e. a zigzag, because in the Andean world time has a cyclical "reverse". Time flows in and out and from the outside to the inside, in constant cycles. Nothing is static. Time is in constant transformation, coming and going, nothing begins and nothing ends, everything is recreated, everything is a "doing and undoing" of "pairs in opposition and complement". Where the here and now is the point of balance and encounter between what is going and what is coming.

This piece was created as a 2x3 channel sound installation entitled "Ñaupaqman Puriy, Qhepaman Chayay", which in Quechua means "walk forward and you'll get back".

The piece consists of two monophonic compositions in constant opposition: one rotates clockwise through three loudspeakers and the other rotates counterclockwise, also through three loudspeakers. Depending on the acoustic approach, the position in space and the attention of the listener, the point of balance and encounter between what is coming and what is going can be perceived acoustically and symbolically.