2018 -

Zhao / Sanz [NOIJZU]

Bass Clarinet, Computer Music, Electronics, Noise, No Input

"Physical musicality is evoked by a habitat that foreshadows various sound spaces. A musical investigation focuses on the recognition of domesticated and undomesticated sounds, ideologies, networked senses and physical entities. Each sound identifies itself through different behaviours".

Noijzu is a Swiss experimental unit formed by Miao Zhao and Luis Sanz. The duo focuses on acoustic sounds and computer-generated sonic entities. Noijzu blends the bass clarinet with digital signals, resulting in extreme acoustic dynamics, complex and hyper-real textures, ranging from minimal to extreme and confrontational sonic expressions. Noijzu's sound has been described as "a symphony of fragmented noise".

Noijzu's music has been performed and diffused across France, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Myanmar, Indonesia, Java, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.


A Guide of Swiss Underground Experimental Music, Double Vinyl, Buh Records, Peru, 2019 | here
Below The Radar Special Edition: Interactions: A Guide To Swiss Underground Experimental Music, The Wire Magazine, 2019 | here

Shuyue Zhao, Luis Sanz live at Plein Air à Voltaire Festival Geneva, Switzerland, 14.09.2019

Eclectic Echoes: NOIJZU (Zhao/Sanz), WAT TAKLAEW and Tapiwa Svosve embark on a six-week sonic exploration of China and Indonesia [03.04-18.05.2024].

Between 3 April and 18 May, a quartet of Swiss musicians is preparing to embark on a tour that will take them to eight cities in China and seven in Indonesia. This musical journey was inspired by two invitations to participate in festivals in China and Indonesia. The first event, "A Bunch of Noise", will take place in Shanghai from 4 to 6 April and will be organised by Mei Zhiyong (FUZZTAPE). The group will then travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for "Jogja Noise Bombing" from 4-5 May.

After the "A Bunch of Noise" festival, a carefully planned tour of China along the Yangtze River will begin, with stops in historically vibrant cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Beijing, Hong Kong and the thriving commercial centre of Yiwu. The journey culminates with a visit to Indonesia, a region firmly established as a hub for extreme experimental music, with a vibrant underground and DIY scene on a global scale. Of particular significance is the birthplace of the iconic "Jogja Noise Bombing", where NOIJZU will perform.

Over the course of the tour, the quartet consisting of NOIJZU (Zhao/Sanz), WAT TAKLAEW and Tapiwa Svosve will perform three different live shows.

Concert dates:

04.-06.04.2024 | A Bunch of Noise Festival, Shanghai, CN
07.04.2024 | GEBI, Yiwu, CN
11.04.2024 | Loopy Live, Hangzhou, CN
12.04.2024 | Feichuan, Wuhan, CN
17.04.2024 | 24D SPACE, Chengdu, CN
20.04.204 | Jar, Xi’an, CN
26.04.2024 | 從耳Sound Fields, Beijing, CN
28.04.2024 | Twenty Alpha, Hong Kong, HK
30.04.2024 | Yoga Karvng Nyawa, Tangerang, ID
01.05.2024 | Noise Harapan Cirebon, Cirebon, ID
02.05.2024 | Banyu Noise, Purwokerto, ID
04.-05.05.2024 | Jogja Noise Bombing, Yogyakarta, ID
07.05.2024 | Lokal Jajan, Klaten, ID
09.05.2024 | Malang Sub Noise, Malang, ID
11.05.2024 | Chaos Non Musica, Bali, ID

NOIJZU and O:X collaborate for inspiring four-week Balkans Tour [16.07.-07.08.2023]

[Zürich], [10.07.23] - Cutting-edge sound explorers NOIJZU and O:X are embarking on an exciting four-week tour of the fascinating Balkan region. This collaboration will take their performances to vibrant cities including Zagreb, Mostar, Skopje, Sofia, Novi Sad, Budapest and Ljubljana.

With the generous support of Pro Helvetia, City of Berne, Canton of Berne and City of Zurich.

Concert dates:

16.07.2023 | Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia
18.07.2023 | OKC Abrašević, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
21.07.2023 | Centre for Narrative Practice, Pristina, Kosovo
22.07.2023 | Social Center Dunja, Skopje, North Macedonia
26.07.2023 | Water Tower Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
29.07.2023 | Frida Gallery Café, Novi Sad, Serbia
31.07.2023 | Kulturni Centar Lab, Novi Sad, Serbia
01.08.2023 | Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion, Belgrade, Serbia
03.08.2023 | Kőbánya Cellar System, Art Quarter Budapest, Hungary
04.08.2023 | Syndicate of Sound and Space, Budapest, Hungary
05.08.2023 | Syndicate of Sound and Space, Budapest, Hungary
07.08.2023 | PLAC, Ljubljana, Slovenia

NOIJZU and STILL UND DUNKEL Asia Tour [06.02.-28.03.2020]

Asia Tour 2020, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong
With the support of ProHelvetia, Fondation SUISA, Stadt Zürich, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Kanton Bern, Gemeinde Köniz and Stadt Baden.

Photoreportage | download

Concert dates:

06.02.2020 | Myanm/art, Contemporary Art Space, Yangon, MM
11.02.2020 | Speakerbox, Bangkok, TH
13.02.2020 | Raw Art Space, Kuala Lumpur, MY
14.02.2020 | Kompound Goods, Johor Bahru, MY
16.02.2020 | Kult Kafé, Singapore, SG
18.02.2020 | Partysan Space, Tangerang, ID
19.02.2020 | Jags Studio, Cirebon, ID
20.02.2020 | Ramiro Coffee, Purwokerto, ID
22.02.2020 | Ruang Gulma, Yogyakarta, ID
23.02.2020 | House of Muara Art Gallery, Solo, ID
25.02.2020 | Pallone Art Gallery, Ponorogo, ID
26.02.2020 | Semeru Art Gallery, Malang, ID
27.02.2020 | Waroeng Frontej, Surabaya, ID
29.02.2020 | Kedampunk, Denpasar, ID
01.03.2020 | Pranoto's Art Gallery, Ubud, ID
04.03.2020 | Rumah Rawa, Samarinda, ID
08.03.2020 | Giang Records Studio, Hồ Chí Minh, VN
10.03.2020 | Zigzagger, Hồ Chí Minh, VN
11.03.2020 | The Workshop Art Gallery, Da Nang, VN (cancelled, Covid-19)
13.03.2020 | Gråtoner, Hanoi, VN
14.03.2020 | Heritage Space, Hanoi, VN (cancelled, Covid-19)
17.03.2020 | Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Hsinchu, TW (cancelled, Covid-19)
19.03.2020 | Final, Taipei, TW (cancelled, Covid-19)
21.03.2020 | Ultra Transmission IX, Taipei, TW (cancelled, Covid-19)
22.03.2020 | Ultra Transmission IX, Taipei, TW (cancelled, Covid-19)
23.03.2020 | Twenty Alpha, HK (cancelled, Covid-19)
24.03.2020 | Luis Sanz [Electromagnetic Sound Walk], Twenty Alpha, HK (cancelled, Covid-19)
25.03.2020 | Twenty Alpha, HK (cancelled, Covid-19)
26.03.2020 | Macau, MO (cancelled, Covid-19)
27.03.2020 | Macau, MO (cancelled, Covid-19)
28.03.2020 | Twenty Alpha, HK (cancelled, Covid-19)